Mexico Project

This year my class and I were tasked to research about Mexico. The first thing we did was mark up a map Mexico, marking things such as the location of the capital and the locations of many important states and their respective populations. This part of the project was particularly interesting to me because prior to the project I didn´t know the locations of any of the states of Mexico or that Mexico even had states. Another thing that had to be done was a slideshow you can see below. The slideshow showcases 10 things I would like to do if I got the chance to go to Mexico. Now you might be wondering, ¨How does researching vacation spots of Mexico attribute to learning the language?¨ The reason for such a strange topic is to become more familiar with Mexico and it´s locations, for we are reading a book called Pobre Ana where the main character takes a trip to Mexico specifically Nayarit. We researched 10 things making sure that two of those things were in Nayarit and I´ll tell you about two of the more interesting locales. The Gran Cenote is a sinkhole in Mexico, there are many tours offered to scuba and snorkel in the cool underground waters. I´ve had a fascination with underground waters and the creatures that lie within so this seemed like a perfect trip. Another place to stop is the Colonial Cathedral, in those halls priests and worshippers lived entire lives that have been documented and are on display for any who enter to read and to learn about. I love history and this cathedral seems like a wealth of knowledge about Christianity and the lives of the priest who lived there.

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