reading diary entry

To whomever finds this


I want everyone to know the injustice that is about to take place. In my plan to escape Mr. Pembroke the man trying to kill me I boarded the ship the Earthly Pleasure. I had to wait many hours under a tarp. After I was sure everyone was asleep I made for the kitchen. I was able to find barrels filled with salted fish and water. I gorged myself silly, and I foolishly looked for dessert. There was a box marked chocolates when I reached for the box was full of empty cans! They created so much noise setting of dynamite would’ve been quieter. Immediately the cook came and dragged me to the captain’s quarters. They decided for entertainment they would dress me like a pirate and act like I was one.

So they did and put me in stocks and told the made up tale of my villainy. One of the brats from the gundeck, the ten year old with the cruel face rushed the stage, yelled “EVIL!” and spit in my eye. The others soon followed spitting and throwing food at me. Now I’m waiting here soon to be given 20 lashes and marooned on a deserted island.


Sincerely, Egbert Masterson

I wanted

I wanted to answer the question

I really really did

But my limbs and mouth won’t do as I bid

I want to get up and walk like normal people do

I want to scream and shout with people just like you

I want to run like lightning you see

But things like that are far beyond me

Holocaust lessons

In this unit I learned that no single race is superior to the other. Just because someone is black or white or has blonde or red hair doesn’t make them better or worse than the next man/woman. Because it is not what race you are it depends on what you do as an individual that makes you bad or good. You have to be careful when judging somebody so your feelings about them aren’t about their race. When I was young I never trusted Chinese people because they were so different from me now i’ve learned to not trust somebody just because of what they look like. Hitler believed that only one race was superior to all other races but that of course is not true. One of my friends was wary of a stranger just because she was Mexican. You should never judge someone by their race.


In this unit I learned that you don’t judge somebody at first look. You should always get to know the person before you pass judgement. Because if everybody judged everything on first look nobody would try anything and the world would boring and dull. You have to be cautious when judging somebody and get to know them.  One time I was at a vending machine I saw  a woman with piercings and I walked away and didn’t even get my candy. Hitler based his hatred on all Jews because some Jews running an art school didn’t let him in. One time in New york my grandma was greeted by a hobo she was startled and scared because he couldn’t speak English and was wearing rags. You should never judge a book by its cover.

diary entry

Dear Diary,


Today was supposed to be a happy occasion the last day of September the Jewish new year .Instead today was really scary, at the synagogue the rabbi said that German soldiers took the list of our names. Now Mother and Father went with Peter and I’m staying here with the Johansens. Mr. Johansen says that the Germans are relocating all the Jews,whatever that means. So I am staying with Annemarie tonight and I don’t know how long I’m going to be here. The Germans must have used the list from the synagogue because it had all of our addresses.


Until next time, Ellen

too early

dripping_coffee_mugsecond one up was Dad

he looked me in the eyes

he said I was crazy

from my head down to my thighs

he went to bed but could not deny

with me there not a wink of sleep would get by

so he got up a little bit later

his grumbling as loud as a radiator

then came Mom in her nightgown

as she got her coffee with a big frown

the last one was Drew

and he sleeps like he has the flu

but Dad was able to move him from his bed

Drew looked as though he was touched in the head

now with all my kin

the presents screamed to be opened

and christmas was about to begin


The Slide

“Oh boy,” Michael sighed his heart doing back flips in his chest as he stepped up. He had bet 20 bucks his friends Betty and Jackson that he could ride the Raging River.

 Down below he could see them by the snack bar eating popcorn. He shivered with fear as the lifeguard shouted “Next!” “What was I thinking!” Michael screamed in his head as he got on his tube and pushed off.

  First he screamed like a banshee but then he looked up and saw the different colored tubes and the water didn’t sound menacing but rather it sounded like a gurgle of laughter and mirth.

 He wasn’t scared any more he laughed with the water. Through the sharp turns he laughed. Through the dips and dives, and through the cone that sent him straight down at the end. When he got off  he wasn’t scared any more.
 Betty and Jackson raced towards “That was awesome!” Betty said with smile. “That was gnarly Dude!” Jackson said “You totally earned that 20 dollars. Michael grinned like a hyena and said “Now it’s your turn.”


5th grade reflection


This year has been overall successful.

I got into GT which was one of my life goals.

I also got advanced on all STAARs.

Things have been crazy because of Mr. Mac.

It’s fun to watch him explain in weird ways like

telling us stories relating to the topic.

Recently Mrs. Brantley let us do Rube

Goldberg projects we had to think real

hard to think of ways to make it work.

I wonder what will happen in 6th grade.